Are you the most influential version of yourself?

Are you the most influential version of yourself?

Gilan engages globally to help people influence effectively

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  • Jenny Crwys-Williams, Talk702

    "Gilan, how did you just do that? You predicted the royal baby's name far in advance and that's amazing."
  • Derek Watts, Carte Blanche

    "I'm here with Mentalist, Gilan Gork, who can read my mind like a paperback novel..."
  • Valeria dos Santos, ChillieEngine

    "My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did. Client was delighted with your participation. You got them talking and excited about future events."
  • Stef du Plessis, Speaker

    "Gilan, you rocked - as always. You're one of the best MCs I ever work with, I am in awe of your skills. You blow my mind, every time. Respect."
  • Lee, Blue Platinum Events

    "Well done on the incredible work! Mercedes-Benz are completely blown away and it feels wonderful to know the client is so happy!"
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Effect on Business

Increase effectiveness through influence

Results are achieved as we ethically influence others to work with us.

Interest & Relevance

The results of influence apply globally

No matter the industry or position, more can be achieved with influence.

Different to Others

Don't just learn... Experience!

Where others just speak, Gilan creates powerful learning experiences.

Delivery Style

Professionals engage and entertain

High energy with thoughtful, interactive & entertaining presentation.

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