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Why Hire Gilan?

And frequently asked questions


Mentalist with over 17 years of experience.
Has been performing and presenting on stage professionally since the age of 12.
Continues to present both locally, in South Africa, and internationally in Africa, Europe and the United States.
Has been featured on dozens of South Africa’s premier television and radio shows and newspapers and magazines. This includes a full feature story on South Africa’s foremost investigative journalism show Carte Blanche.
Is a specialist on the topic of 'influence' and teaches skills based in psychology and non-verbal communication for the application in leadership, sales, negotiation and other areas of business.
Programs offered include keynote talks, half or full day master classes, motivational entertainment session called The Mentalist Experienceor as master of ceremonies (MC).
Besides once-off sessions, Gilan creates bespoke training programs to create long-term processes of change and development with measurable results.

I should use Gilan when...

Stand-alone keynote talk or as part of a more extensive conference or training program. The delivery is suitable as a fascinating and entertaining talk, while the take-home lessons deliver the same results as a compact training session.
Half or full day masterclasses for up to 30 people, which includes workbooks and take-home material. Learning is enhanced through interactivity, and engaging energisers.
The Mentalist Experienceas a 50 minute show positioned as "intelligent" or "motivational" entertainment. The session not only entertains but also reveals the power of the mind and the power of influence. It also acts as a great lead-in to a keynote talk or further training.
Master of Ceremonies
Professional MCing laced with entertaining and engaging mentalism feats means that your program will run seemlesly while keeping your audience captivated.

Important Questions to Ask

What effect is Gilan going to have on my teams and my business?

Once we realise that we need to work with other people in order to achieve our goals, we then acknowledge that our level of effectiveness can be hugely advanced when we increase our ability to influence the people around us. Leaders need to influence teams; sales forces need to influence prospective clients; negotiators need to influence outcomes and terms... The relevance of 'influence' is endless. Gilan's programs will impart invaluable insights and skills, raising your and your teams' levels of influence to all-new highs.

“I had my board meeting yesterday and everyone raved about Gilan”

Humphrey Borkum, Merrill Lynch South Africa

“After workshopping communication, influence and leadership skills with Gilan, I set out to grow my business by 200%. Within a year my business has more than tripled.”

Ryan Sauer, Search Online Consulting

“The content that I have seen Gilan present is practical and relevant to sales professionals, and if applied correctly, should have a direct impact on sales performance”

Paul Whalley, Trisail Consulting

Why are Gilan's presentations of interest and relevance?

In today’s age, just as much emphasis is placed on soft skills as hard skills. We all know talented, educated people in business with all the “hard” skills of their occupation, however, because business is a “contact sport” these people fail to reach their true potential because of their lack of ability to communicate and influence most effectively.

Gilan’s presentations can be applied to a diversity of events and required outcomes. You might be looking for a thought-provoking and entertaining show of the power of the mind, a keynote talk on reading and influencing people, or a comprehensive leadership, communication or sales training program. With over 17 years of experience, Gilan’s abilities as a Mentalist and certified leadership speaker, trainer and coach enables him to help you achieve your goals.

“Gilan aligned with our client’s objective and they loved it”

Nazmira Saloojee, The Actuate Group

What makes Gilan different to other speakers?

The speaking and training circuit was not Gilan’s first stop: since the age of twelve he has been performing shows professionally. Having been mentored as a Mentalist, Gilan specializes in entertaining demonstrations of thought-reading, non-verbal communication, influence and other aspects of mentalism. Due to the high demand Gilan has joined the speaking circuit. Unlike any other speaker or trainer, Gilan is able to convey valuable and practical skills while at the same time engaging his audiences with interactive pieces of mentalism to optimize retention and heighten the experience for everyone involved.

“I have seen various talks on similar subject matter but you can see immediately that Gilan speaks from a position of experience and authenticity”

Paul McConnon, Unique Speaker Bureau

What is Gilan's delivery style as a presenter?

Gilan’s delivery is an action-packed and "take-home-a-minute" style. What makes it unique is his incorporation of his mind-blowing mentalism feats which help to demonstrate techniques and keep his audiences engaged. Gilan enjoys a good story and shares a sense of humour throughout his presentations.

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