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Mentalist and teacher of influence

You've probably never thought of engaging with a mentalist before, but whether your goal is to train and improve your staff's skillset, or to challenge their thinking in a more entertaining session, Gilan will help your people to become more influential.

Why is influence the most important skill? Our effectiveness in any area of life or business is directly proportional to our ability to influence others.


The feedback we have received has surpassed all expectation. Many of our clients at the Spring Conference commented on the way you energised our conference and the impact of your performance.

Adam Craker, CEO IQbusiness

Known as the Master of Influence, Gilan is a corporate speaker and entertainer hired by comanies globally for his professional shows and expert keynote talks. Although he demonstrates an uncanny ability to read people's thoughts, he has never claimed to possess any psychic or supernatural powers. Rather, he has the ability to use skills of influence, persuasion and reading people. Many of these skills can be learnt to increase your effectiveness and achieve your goals faster.

Our effectiveness in every area of business, and in life, can be increased when we develop our ability to influence the people around us.

Gilan Gork, Mentalist

Through his 18 years' experience, Gilan imparts valuable and potent skills in being able to both read and influence people. This assists his corporate clients to become more influential with clients, colleagues and even competitors.

Not just teaching, Gilan is also often hired to engage audiences by demonstrating the power of the mind and the power of influence through his show called The Mentalist Experience. This is typically positioned as "intelligent" or "motivational" entertainment, either as a single show or as part of Gilan's unique way of playing master of ceremonies.

Gilan has studied influence in considerable detail with many experts including behavioural psychologists. He is also the author of best-selling book Persuasion Games.

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Just wanted to say a big thank you again for the show and learning event. It was a great success and everyone I've spoken to enjoyed it and have got takeaways for their business as well. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone I meet, I honestly feel it's one of the best events I've attended.

Jamie Pujara, Entrepreneur Organisation Nairobi