Secrets to living a life of influence by bestselling author, international speaker and mentalist, Gilan Gork.

Influence Advisory - How to Move Your Market


Does your business need this same 'influence breakthrough'? Watch this short video as I chat to Steve from New Reality about the biggest influence challenge his company faces when introducing new innovative technology to clients. We discuss a simple strategy to help him overcome this purchase barrier, and I share a classic influence experiment that demonstrates it all!

Social Proof 

Your brain uses whatever cues and clues it can to build your cognitive model of the world and everything in it. Of course, your own direct, personal experience of the world is a major source of information. However, you share the planet with a few billion other people, and your brain also likes to use their knowledge and experiences too.  

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall: Who’s the best at connecting with them all?


Have you noticed how you automatically wrinkle up your face when you see a friend eating (or drinking) something they clearly find disgusting?  Or you’re deep in conversation with someone and suddenly realise you’re both leaning forward and propping an elbow on the table? Or you suddenly parrot the other person’s accent or soft speech? 

You might have been aware that copying another’s body language and repeating their words or behaviours can help form and strengthen relationships. (Recruitment agents especially like to advise mirroring in an interview situation). 

Research shows that mirroring a conversation partner’s gestures, expressions, posture, vocal pitch or tone is a common experience. It consists of a wide-ranging spectrum of verbal or non-verbal communication, including vocal pitch and tone, dress, posture, eye contact, distance and gestures. 

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Outwit your Amygdala Hijack and take your life back



You’re sitting in the audience, watching the line of people before you take to the stage to receive their certificates. Your face flushes red-hot and your palms are sweaty. Your heart-rate increases, your throat constricts, and you can literally feel the back of your neck tighten. Your breathing becomes more shallow and rapid as you take in more oxygen, preparing to bolt if you have to.

Really? The only thing you have to do is walk up the stage, shake someone’s hand and receive a well-deserved accolade; so why on earth are you having an anxiety attack? 

You are having an amygdala hijack.


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The Language Never Spoken


How is body language like a tin of paint?

It may sound like an absurd question, but it really isn’t. In fact, I mention this question at the start of every session I give on the subject. Over the past twenty years, I must have asked this question to literally thousands of students in dozens of different countries.

Here’s the answer: paint is only useful when it’s applied to something. For me, the same is true of body language and the study of non-verbal communication. I never teach these subjects in isolation. What I teach is how to apply a working knowledge of body language to real-life practical situations, especially to do with selling, negotiation, leadership, and so on.

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Men Are Like Dogs… But In Ways You’d Not Expect


Men are like dogs. A big statement, I know, but read on before judging. 

Let me first qualify my assertion by saying that being compared to a dog is no bad thing. I mean, who doesn’t love dogs? The question is, are you coming across as an Alpha or a lapdog?

So why do I say men are just dogs in beige chinos and light blue button-ups? 

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