Breakthrough Influence in HOT Conversations


At A Glance

Mutual increase in self-awareness and self-control to defuse HOT conversations before they become destructive.

Your skillset to restore respect or re-align goals in the face of conflict, using a practical 3-step communication method.

Your ability to have the critical or sensitive conversations that are necessary to break ‘glass ceilings’ and accomplish desired results with others.


Have you ever approached someone, wondering “How do I broach this sensitive subject?”. Often the only thing keeping you from achieving a result is a HOT conversation.

A HOT conversation is any situation where stakes are high, there’s a difference of opinion, and emotions become tense.

If you can learn how to speak in a way that creates breakthrough influence, then you can create a highly connected work environment. You will be able to navigate sensitive or critical conversations, influence and lead more effectively, and ultimately accomplish the results you are after.

Unfortunately people are often blindsided by HOT conversations; that’s to say they’re in a regular conversation, with good intentions, when it suddenly turns HOT. Most people don’t have a model of communication that helps overcome human nature, to turn a high-risk dialogue into an influential breakthrough conversation.

Have you ever thought of the impact it could have on your business or work environment if everyone had an easy model of communication to fall back on in conflict situations?

Don’t miss out on the advantage that every HOT conversation presents: to conceive breakthrough influence and build a productive, connected culture.

Gilan is the real deal. He talks about influence and he is very, very influential. This is the most powerful presentation on influencing my behaviour I've been to this year.

- Gerry Skerritt, Dream Team Catalyst

The masterclass was such an eye opener... I now have a different approach in addressing issues that were problematic in the past.

- Cornelius Musubia, General Manager Cresta Botsalo

His style is so engaging and entertaining, and so relevant for business.

- Paul McConnon, CEO Unique Speaker Bureau