ME Motivation: The Art of Self-Influence

‘Motivate’ starts and ends with ME


At A Glance

Learn the globally acclaimed Rapid Influence Formula.

Understand the 3 subconscious questions your own mind asks about yourself, which determines your level of self-influence.

How to influence yourself to maintain your level of self-belief, focus and dedication in times when most people’s drop.

High-energy session including Gilan's signature mind-blowing mentalist feats.

Tangible principles and techniques you can begin using immediately to activate your Self-Influence.

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Motivation is clearly a vital part of success in business. The art of good management involves motivating others to perform to their potential.

However, this is only part of the picture. Your people also need to know how to motivate themselves. In other words, how to influence themselves to maintain their level of belief, focus and dedication in times when most people’s levels begin to drop.

Here’s the problem with most motivational talks. They suffer from the ‘light bulb’ syndrome: the audience heats up quickly during the talk, but as soon as it’s over they just as rapidly cool down again. There’s no sustained effect. Fast-forward three months and everyone’s behaviour has returned to the status quo.

‘You can do it!’ is an important message, but it doesn’t carry very far forward. Whereas ‘This is howyou can do it’ creates courageby instilling the right knowledgeto empower your teams with an enduring effect.

Gilan has studied self-motivation in considerable detail. He has studied with many experts, including behavioural psychologists, to understand the self-motivation that is an essential pre-requisite for pre-eminent performance. The psychology used in his model of self-motivation featured at length in his best-selling book, ‘Persuasion Games’.


  • The foundation of self-influence is Gilan’s globally acclaimed Rapid Influence Formula, a practical formula for establishing positive influence with others. Gilan was recently invited to Europe to share this model of influence at the NATO Strategic Communications Conference.

  • The little-known secret of how the Rapid Influence Formula can be used by yourself on yourself, to create something even more powerful than self-motivation… Self-Influence!

  • Gilan will leave you with specific principles and techniques to activate Self-Influence. You’ll be able to start using these techniques instantly to establish.

  • Focus is placed on shifting perspectives and training your ‘inner game of influence’ - because if you only motivate a change in one’s actions and behaviours, without equipping one with inner game techniques too, then inevitably one’s actions and behaviours will revert back to what they were.

As part of Gilan’s distinctive presentation style, he will interact with your group using his mind-blowing mentalist feats to energise and drive key messages. His sessions continue to inspire audiences in over 30 countries - helping you understand the power of your mind - and what you can do to raise your inner influence ability to completely elevate your results.


I happened to overhear some of the other delegates praising Gilan. Delegates were truly motivated and inspired.

- Lameez, Blue Platinum

Thanks for the session. It all makes sense. I found myself doing that stuff before or as soon as you mentioned it! Amazing!

- Kim Marlor, KMA Consulting (U.K.)

My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did. Client was delighted with your participation. You got them talking and excited about future events.

- Valeria dos Santos, ChillieEngine Events