The Business of Body Language


At A Glance

You will understand what different gestures actually mean, and become more intuitive about what people are thinking and feeling no matter what they’re saying.

Your awareness of body language will instantly increase after experiencing how up to 80% of a face-to-face message’s true meaning is communicated non-verbally.

When you make body language work for you, you’ll be able to obtain trust and respect from others faster. You’ll be able to lead, sell and negotiate more effectively.


What you say and what you convey are two different things

It is clearly the case that you need strong communication skills to be successful in business. It’s difficult to lead, sell or inspire if you can’t communicate effectively. However, what you say and how you say it are only one part of good communication — and not always the most important part! Your non-verbal communication (body language) is just as important, if not more so.

Body language refers to gestures, expressions, posture, movement and all the other ways in which we talk to one another, all the time, without words. If your body language sends out the ‘wrong’ signals, you’ll find it difficult to communicate or influence effectively. Conversely, when you make your body language work for you, people will be far more likely to listen to you, respect you and follow you.

Moreover, the more successfully you learn to use your own body language, the better you’ll become at reading other people. It would be difficult to over-estimate how useful this can be. If someone says ‘okay’ but means ‘no way’, you won’t get taken in.

During this session, Gilan reveals and explains a range of practical body language strategies relevant to different facets of your business life, including leadership, management, sales and communication.

This is a highly informative talk featuring plenty of audience participation throughout. What’s more, Gilan presents an intriguing mentalist feat that demonstrates ‘reading people like a book’ on extraordinary levels!

There's a lot of information that I can take back to use in the sales environment when it comes to using body language for demonstrations in front of my clients.

- Ashleigh Smaller, Sales Professional

Gilan was a huge hit and delegates were talking about him all the way through the conference

- Eileen Shaw, SA Reward Association

The content that I have seen Gilan present is practical, relevant to professionals and should have a direct impact on performance.

- Paul Whalley, Trisail Consulting