Are you the most influential version of yourself?

Persuasive Leadership

If you want to succeed, you must know how to lead.

Every business success story you can think of

involved someone getting the right team together, with the right talents, and leading that team to success.

Contrary to popular myth, leadership is not an innate talent granted to a small percentage of top executives. While natural aptitude certainly counts for something, behavioural science has consistently shown that training, know-how and technique count for much more. Anyone can learn the skills and strategies of dynamic, persuasive leadership, and develop their personal ability to bring out the best in others.


Gilan engaged us from the start. He seamlessly linked everything to a business situation, offering clear takeaways that our guests could put into practice immediately and will have a positive impact on their businesses.

Steven Gibson, Entrepreneurs Forum U.K.

What’s more, leadership is not just an essential skill for those at the very top of the organisational chart. Successful companies invest in the leadership potential of all their people. A company can either lead the market or follow it, set the trends or lag behind. Investment in leadership training is investment in the future success of the company as a whole.

Anyone can learn the skills and strategies of dynamic, persuasive leadership...

There are many definitions of leadership, but one of the most practical is this: the ability to influence and inspire others. Gilan has devoted many years to researching this field in depth. He has studied with leadership experts, psychologists and behavioural economists to

identify the key factors in successful, influential leadership. He detailed many of his findings in his best-selling book, ‘Persuasion Games’.

In addition, Gilan has twenty years’ experience as a professional mentalist. Without giving too much away, astute leadership skills are an integral part of his performing methods. Gilan’s remarkable ability to shape, guide and steer the behaviour of people in the audience — without them even realising it! — is in part derived from his research into the fundamental mechanisms of persuasive leadership.

Gilan also has leadership training, speaking and coaching certifications from The United States.


The masterclass was such an eye opener... I now have a different approach in addressing issues that were problematic in the past.

Cornelius Musubia, General Manager Cresta Botsalo

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