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The Art of Selling by Influence

There are two ways to sell: the hard way, and the influential way.

When you understand the key principles

of subtle influence, the art of selling becomes significantly easier and more rewarding. You sell more, in less time… and it’s better for your customers too!

In the age of ‘internet everywhere’, the customer has greater leverage than ever before. Information is always just a click away, and if someone else is offering a better deal your customers will vote with their feet. Given this wealth of consumer choice, it has never been more important for every sales person to understand what influence is, how it works and how it can help you to sell more effectively and efficiently.


IThe content that I have seen Gilan present is practical, relevant to professionals and should have a direct impact on performance.

Paul Whalley, Trisail Consulting

In more primitive times, some sales people thought their role was to manipulate customers into buying. Fortunately, the art of selling has moved on. Today, sales professionals know they must understand the consumer’s needs, provide good value and establish strong customer-centric relationships.

Selling is not some rare, innate talent that a few lucky people happen to have

This is all to the good, but in order to sell you still have to know how to elicit the desired response and action from every customer. This is what ‘selling by influence’ is all about.

Selling is not some rare, innate talent that a few lucky people happen to have (although they may like to think so!) In reality, behavioural science tells us that anyone can learn how to use the key principles of influence to sell successfully. From shop floor to boardroom bargaining, the art of selling is very much the art of knowing who to influence, how, and when.

Gilan is an expert sales trainer. As well as having many years of direct, top-flight sales experience himself, he has studied with sales experts, psychologists and behavioural economists to develop unique insights into this complex yet fascinating field.


It covers a broad spectrum of everything from our brand, our sales, communication, how we engage with different people, and how they engage with us.

Leah McCrae, Conference Specialist

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