Strategic Storytelling for Selling


At A Glance

You’ll be able to inspire your colleagues and clients on a new level by influencing their emotions as much as their logic.

Your ideas will suddenly stick longer and influence others stronger.

Your conversations will stimulate a new level of connection to your ideas, motivating people to act on them faster.

People will describe you as someone they can relate to, and who they feel compelled to follow.


Five conversational techniques to increase the influence of your ideas

Almost all conversations comprise the communication of ideas. Whether you’re a leader talking to your team, a salesperson with a prospect or a presenter at your company’s next big launch, your goal is usually to gain complete buy-in and agreement to your idea, product or direction.

It’s not simply enough to converse with or present to others. Your conversation must contain the right ingredients to give rise to the most powerful influence. In this session Gilan shares five practical techniques to increase the persuasiveness of your ideas in conversation. Your messages will stick quicker and your influence will increase in strength and longevity. By not adding these influence ingredients to your key conversations, you risk losing the opportunity to get the right level of buy-in to your idea.

These methods take advantage of the fact that our brains are wired to respond to narratives. While listening to a story we place ourselves into the narrative, and the same parts of our brain triggers as if it were happening in real life. This is why since the beginning of society, humans have relied on stories to share wisdom and direction in areas of leadership, trading, crafting, negotiating, relationships, the development of culture and much more.

When you deliver a story, implanted with the right influence ingredients, you’ll allow the other person’s brain to simulate thoughts and emotions that compels them to follow your ideas. More than that, these techniques will help you to implant proof of transparency and credibility, followed by a persuasive call-to-action.

In today’s fast-changing world the most successful businesses are the ones with employees who implant the right ideas, to inspire change, produce leaders, motivate peak performance and create loyalty.

When you apply the techniques in this session you won’t miss out on transforming your influence, and the way you implant your ideas.

Gilan engaged us from the start. He seamlessly linked everything to a business situation, offering clear takeaways that our guests could put into practice immediately and will have a positive impact on their businesses.

- Steven Gibson, Entrepreneurs Forum U.K.

Gilan is undoubtedly a master craftsman giving a masterclass. I am inspired with the enthusiasm of a student, for excellent teacher, and look forward to the further opportunities to learn and hone my skills.

- Bob Sculthorpe, Pro Edge (United Kingdon)

It covers a broad spectrum of everything from our brand, our sales, communication, how we engage with different people, and how they engage with us.

- Leah McCrae, Conference Specialist