The Rapid Influence Formula for Sales
Create swift, effective influence without ever having to compromise your values


At A Glance

Answer the 3 subconscious questions in people's minds that determines your level of influence with them.

People will say ‘Yes’ to your ideas, products or requests more often.

Create swift, effective influence without ever having to compromise your values.

Your team’s effectiveness will grow as the lid on everyone’s ‘influence ability’ is lifted.

The increase in motivation you get when you know exactly what to apply to improve results.

You won’t miss ‘influence opportunities’ in key situations to get results in leadership, sales, negotiation or marketing.


In today’s modern era of hyper-connectivity and information, we are desensitized to persuasion tactics that focus simply on cause-and-effect: Doing something to someone to get what you want.

If you want to profoundly influence people, you need to establish trust, credibility and support. And in today’s fast-paced world it’s in your best interest to establish these things as quickly as possible.

The challenge is that, more than ever, people are sensitive to the manipulation and exploitation of their thoughts and feelings. This is where the RI3 (Rapid Influence) formula ensures your ability to create exceptionally rapid influence with others without ever needing to compromise your values.

Use this practical model of influence to establish emotional engagement, buy-in and lasting loyalty from any person – enabling you to lead, sell, market and inspire on an entirely new level.


  • Gilan details his RI3 model which is based on positively answering three specific subconscious questions in people’s minds. Whether they know it or not, others are asking these three questions about you or your brand all the time.

  • You will learn how to rapidly answer these questions by activating mental shortcuts in people’s minds.

  • You will personally experience the power of these mental shortcuts, called heuristics, which help decision-making (and influence) occur faster.

  • Gilan will leave you with powerful and practical influence techniques you can start using immediately to establish rapid influence.

  • The context of the practical advice can be presented to enhance leadership, sales, marketing or even self-influence (self-motivation), dependant on your preferred outcomes.

Gilan has devoted many years to researching this field in depth. He has studied with leadership experts, sales & marketing gurus, psychologists and behavioural economists to identify the key factors in successful influence. He has detailed many of his findings in his best-selling book, ‘Persuasion Games’. In addition, Gilan has twenty years’ experience as a professional mentalist, and has presented in over 30 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and America.

I happened to overhear some of the other delegates praising Gilan. Delegates were truly motivated and inspired.

- Lameez, Blue Platinum

Thanks for the session. It all makes sense. I found myself doing that stuff before or as soon as you mentioned it! Amazing!

- Kim Marlor, KMA Consulting (U.K.)

My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did. Client was delighted with your participation. You got them talking and excited about future events.

- Valeria dos Santos, ChillieEngine Events