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Testimonials and References

Gilan comes highly recommended

The feedback we have received has surpassed all expectations - many of our clients at the Spring Conference commented on the way you energised our conference and the impact of your performance. I will definitely recommend you, and will book you again.
- Adam Craker, CEO at IQbusiness
After our brief, Gilan totally bought in and prepared custom pieces for his part of the programme. In the pitch Gilan was a hit and, through his performance was able to drive home our concept to the client. Thank you Gilan for your absolute professionalism.
- Karen Poole, Business Director at Openfield

I had my board meeting yesterday and everyone raved about you. I will certainly recommend you wherever I can.

Humphre Borkum, Merrill Lynch

The content that I have seen Gilan present is practical, relevant to professionals and should have a direct impact on performance.

Paul Whalley, Trisail Consulting
  • Gilan is one of the world's top experts in reading and influencing people, I have followed his work.
    Gareth Cliff Radio and TV Personality
  • Amazing. It's just actually amazing. He's an expert in his field and so, so impressive to watch.
    Sam Cowen Talk Show Host
  • Very inspirational... It really is... I mean, pushing the boundaries of what you think...
    Danny K Celebrity Singer
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Gilan has presented for thousands of companies globally, including:

Gilan, you rocked - as always. You're one of the best MCs I ever work with, I am in awe of your skills. You blow my mind, every time. Respect.

Steph du Plessis, Professional Speaker

Gilan was a huge hit and delegates were talking about him all the way through the conference.

Eileen Shaw, S.A.R.A

You are the best I have ever seen.

Robert Kabuzu, Cresta Hotels
  • I'm here with Mentalist, Gilan Gork, who can read my mind like a paperback novel.
    Derek Watts Carte Blanche TV Presenter
  • How did you just do that? You predicted the royal baby's name far in advance. That's amazing.
    Jenny Crwys-Williams Radio Host, Talk 702
  • I don't quite know how it works, but he got it right every single time. I can't figure out how it happened.
    Mark Pilgrim Radio and TV Host
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Gilan is undoubtedly a master craftsman giving a masterclass. I am inspired with the enthusiasm of a student, for excellent teacher, and look forward to the further opportunities to learn and hone my skills.

Bob Sculthorpe, Pro Edge (United Kingdon)

Your sessions were not just entertaining.. but were enlightening too.. I have already started to read people better and I am sure this will not only help my professional life, but my personal life too.

Pradeepan Velayuthan, PF Consultancy

Gilan presented a phenomenal evening show and I really found his daytime seminar interesting.

Nikolai Naylor, Naylor Accountancy Services

I just wanted to say how I very much enjoyed your talks both on the Friday evening and Following morning. And thanks for the book, I'm already a fair way through it!

Sarah Greeves, Accountancy

Thanks for the session. It all makes sense. I found myself doing that stuff before or as soon as you mentioned it! Amazing!

Kim Marlor, KMA Consulting (U.K.)

Gilan's extensive client list also includes:

  • My experience with Gilan Gork this morning: Mind Blowing! I'm 100% convinced.
    Darren (Whackhead) Simpson Radio Host
  • Gilan, I mean that's insane. Get outta here - tell me how you know I was thinking of that word?!
    Bongani Bingwa Carte Blanche TV Anchor
  • No this is crazy. This is insane! You're an exeptional South African. I hope to have you on again.
    Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu 3Talk, Talkshow Host
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Your masterclass was a such an eye opener, and I real enjoyed every moment you shared with us. The information was lot for one day but that should not overlook the package of masterful presentation you displayed, that made it more enjoyable and fun. I have gained and learnt a lot from your masterclass and am currently implementing some of the leadership skills in my professional and personal life. I now have a different approach in addressing issues that were a bit of a problematic in the past. I have no doubt that we would once again work with each other, and would recommend you, to my business partners in the Industry and other relevant institute that may require your service!
- Cornelius Musubia, GM at Cresta Botsalo

My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did. Client was delighted with your participation. You got them talking and excited about future events.

Valeria dos Santos, ChillieEngine

Thank you for doing a fantastic job as MC whilst entertaining and wowing the audience at every moment!

Maretha Gerber, Mercedes-Benz

Everyone really enjoyed your show and I really appreciate how willing you were to step in and help create a seamless experience.

Karen Elstob, IQBusiness