The thing I love about Gilan is how he mixes authentic, well-researched psychological principles with other principles of influence that are entertaining, mystifying, and creates an experience that I’ve just never seen before… It’s one of my favourite things about watching one of his talks. But also, when I engage with him about how he puts together his content, he’s always making sure he’s on the cutting edge of whoever the thought-leaders and researchers of the moment are.

Tamryn Sherriffs
Corporate Strategist

"Gilan is one of the world's top experts in reading and influencing people, I have followed his work.."

Gareth Cliff
Radio and TV Personality

"Amazing. It's just actually amazing. He's an expert in his field and so, so impressive to watch."

Sam Cowen
Talk Show Host & Author

"This is all extremely inspirational... It really is... I mean, Gilan is pushing the boundaries of what you think..."

Danny K
Celebrity Singer & Entrepreneur


What I love about Gilan is that he is the real deal. He talks about influence and he is very, very influential – not in a manipulative way – in a very scientific way. He uses all that science and he influences us to be able to use it. He’s got really solid content. He’s got tools and information that you can use right away. He makes it easy for you to remember and internalise it.

Gerry Skerritt
MD of DreamTeam Catalyst

"I had my board meeting yesterday and everyone raved about you. I will certainly recommend you wherever I can."

Humphre Borkum
Merrill Lynch

"Thank you for doing a fantastic job as MC whilst entertaining and wowing the audience at every moment!"

Maretha Gerber

"Everyone really enjoyed your show and I really appreciate how willing you were to step in and help create a seamless experience."

Karen Elstob
IQBusiness Consultancy


I found Gilan’s techniques insightful for us in marketing, especially because we do a lot of cold calling and his techniques are really helpful in terms of handling objections. Gilan has a unique style of interacting with his audience – we engage with what he’s saying and we understand it more because he involves us within it – and you just get glued into the presentation and want to learn more.

Nkuli Zuma
Marketing Head

"Gilan is undoubtedly a master craftsman giving a masterclass. I am inspired with the enthusiasm of a student, for excellent teacher, and look forward to the further opportunities to learn and hone my skills."

Bob Sculthorpe
Pro Edge (United Kingdon)

"Your sessions were not just entertaining.. but were enlightening too.. I have already started to read people better and I am sure this will not only help my professional life, but my personal life too."

Pradeepan Velayuthan
PF Consultancy

"I must mention that you were the highlight of the conference. You were both dynamic, educational and inspirational. The points you raised will be of great benefit in the Risk fraternity. Thank you."

Heather Lee Jettke
Standard Bank


"I loved your talk and your gala dinner presentation, especially the part on the importance of where you sit in a meeting depending upon what you need to get out of it. I had never really thought about it before but once you pointed out it made complete sense! "

Fiona Bevan
Bevan Financial Management U.K.

"Everyone across the spectrum were completely drawn into your presentation with key takeaways that are tangible, practical learnings and skills that can be applied in business and their everyday lives. I can’t thank you enough for the professionalism and intellect on this topic."

Angelique Reeby
Standard Bank

"After our brief, Gilan totally bought in and prepared custom pieces for his part of the programme. In the pitch Gilan was a hit and, through his performance was able to drive home our concept to the client. Thank you Gilan for your absolute professionalism."

Karen Poole
Business Director at Openfield