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ME Motivation

The Art of Self Persuasion

‘Motivate’ starts and ends with ME.

Motivation is clearly a vital part of success in business. The art of good management involves motivating others to perform to their potential.

However, this is only part of the picture. You also need to know how to motivate yourself. In other words, how to persuade yourself to perform to the standard you want and achieve your objectives.


I happened to overhear some of the delegates praising Gilan. Delegates were truly motivated and inspired.

Lameez, Blue Platinum

You are surrounded by external persuasion factors every day. Authority figures, colleagues and advertisers are constantly trying to influence you and your decisions. When you analyse how these external factors affect you, or sometimes fail to do so, you start to see how to use these same techniques on yourself.

When you analyse how these external factors influence you, you also start to see how to use these same techniques on yourself

This is important, because strong internal motivation helps you to adopt positive attitudes, develop good judgment and increase your productivity. Moreover, the better you are at motivating yourself, the more successfully you’ll be able to motivate others.

As well as exploring the difference between external and internal motivation, Gilan also distinguishes ‘You can…’ from ‘How to…’.

Traditional talks on motivation tend to suffer from the ‘light bulb’ syndrome: the audience heats up quickly during the talk, but as soon as it’s over they just as rapidly cool down again. There’s no sustained effect. ‘You can do it!’ is an important message, but it doesn’t carry very far forward. ‘This is how you can do it’, is a more beneficial message with an enduring effect.

Gilan has studied self-motivation in considerable detail. He has studied with many experts, including behavioural psychologists, to understand the self-motivation that is an essential pre-requisite for pre-eminent performance. The psychology used in his model of self-motivation featured at length in his best-selling book, ‘Persuasion Games’.


My special thanks to you for the wonderful job you did. Client was delighted with your participation. You got them talking and excited about future events.

Valeria dos Santos, ChillieEngine Events

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